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Price list of SIM box

The price schedule is adapted to retail customers, medium-sized customers and to wholesale customers we offer large price advantage.

Basic price list of SIM box:

Quantity Price per piece
To 1000 pcs 16,39 Czk
above 1000 pcs To 2000 pcs 15,74 Czk
above 2000 pcs To 5000 pcs 15,49 Czk
above 5000 pcs To 10 000 pcs 14,59 Czk
above 10 000 pcs To 20 000 pcs 13,36 Czk
above 20 000 pcs To 50 000 pcs 12,46 Czk
above 50 000 pcs To 100 000 pcs 11,31 Czk
above 100 000 pcs according to agreement

In larger consumption are available for you quantity discounts.
Prices are exclusive of VAT.

In case of interest for our product send your possible questions to our e-mail address info@simbox.cz.

We will answer your questions and look forward to our mutual cooperation.


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EXPANDUM CZ is the official distributor and seller of SIM box.

About us

We are an exclusive suppliers and the only manufacturers in the world we offer a unique indispensable world novelty suitable for all mobile phone users - SIM box, a unique bin for 4 SIM cards.


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