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Martin Zikmund - mobilmania.cz (printed 12.4. 2002)

Are you one of those who has two or more SIM cards? Then you certainly also faced the problem where to place these extra cards when there is no more place for them in your mobile. Well this problem is solved from now on! You can find more information in our article. There were five of us

The whole solution is a matter of a simple concept of a plastic card sized as a regular credit card, and thick as three credit cards - the extact measures are 2,8×55×86 mm (height, width, length). Up to 4 SIM cards can fit into one cover. And how does it all work? The SIM card is just simply inserted into the plastic cover with the chip turned downwards and that´s it!
SIM cards cannot be dropped in any way, not even by forceful shaking. Another advantage of the cover is that it protects the SIM card´s chip from possible mechanical damage and the possibility of breaking the SIM card in a pocket etc. You can then place the cover into your wallet between your credit cards and go. This new product was introduced on this year´s exhibition Amper 2002 and has been for sale for only a couple of days so far. It is available in several different colors and many new colors and designs are coming up. The producer even has a worldwide patent for this product.


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