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What is a SIM box

Solution for your SIM cards

SIM box is a practical helper for everybody, who owns more then one SIM card. It is a plastic case of a regular credit card size, where you safely store up to four SIM cards.
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For what is a SIM box

Protection for your SIM cards

SIM box serves as a case up to four SIM cards. An easy plastic case save your SIM cards from scratches and other mechanical damage. It is the end of destroyed and lost SIM cards. Here is a SIM box!

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Your SIM box

Your commercial

Use the SIM box to the presentation your company! SIM box is wearing a surface which can be used for printing of logo or advertising slogan, and can thus serve as a promotional material for the presenation of your company

OREO Praha is introducing a worldwide innovation in the area of mobile accessories

We are the exclusive supppliers and the only producers of a worldwide novelty in the area of mobile communication. It's a unique holder for 4 SIM cards, manufactured by any operator of mobile phones. The advantage of this SIM card holder is its credit-card-size - it can be fitted into any purse, cover, or small case. That is why you always have your SIM cards on hand. Until today you had to carry SIM cards in your pocket and face the danger of loss or damage, but with our new holder nothing like this can happen to you anymore. Holder protects your SIM cards from static electricity, from being scratched, broken or lost. This product is protected in most parts of the world!

Companies can make use of the offer to use our product as a carrier for their advertisement to present themselves both regionally and worldwide. The card provides space which can be used to print a logo or a slogan, can serve as a company gift or as a medium of advertising and preseting your company. If you consider places and frequency of how people change their SIM cards, for example at a bus station, shops, even several times a day, it is without any doubt that your advertisement will be noticed not only by the owner of the card himself, but also by people around him.

This product is convenient not only to yourself, but it is also a nice and practical present for your close friends or family relatives. We believe that companies will use this product not only for their employees, but also as a way of promotion of their firms.

Price of the SIM-card-holder for 4 cards is 20 CZK, including VAT. When ordering larger quantities, discounts are available. Photographs of the SIM-card-holder, contact and order information is available on http://www.oreopraha.com.


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EXPANDUM CZ is the official distributor and seller of SIM box.

About us

We are an exclusive suppliers and the only manufacturers in the world we offer a unique indispensable world novelty suitable for all mobile phone users - SIM box, a unique bin for 4 SIM cards.


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