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What is a SIM box

Solution for your SIM cards

SIM box is a practical helper for everybody, who owns more then one SIM card. It is a plastic case of a regular credit card size, where you safely store up to four SIM cards.
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For what is a SIM box

Protection for your SIM cards

SIM box serves as a case up to four SIM cards. An easy plastic case save your SIM cards from scratches and other mechanical damage. It is the end of destroyed and lost SIM cards. Here is a SIM box!

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Your SIM box

Your commercial

Use the SIM box to the presentation your company! SIM box is wearing a surface which can be used for printing of logo or advertising slogan, and can thus serve as a promotional material for the presenation of your company


Telefon Plus

Are you one of those who has two or more SIM cards which you often switch in your mobile? Does it happen to you that you often look for them? Do you keep them in your wallet even though you know it´s not the best solution? The answer is simple and elegant and is offered by a Prague company OROE Praha. The SIM box with the size of a credit card serves as a "home" for your SIM cards. It is available in several different colors and thanks to its size it can be placed together with your credit cards in your wallet. You can fit up to 4 SIM cards in it and they can be easily found as well as protected from scratching or from other types of mechanical damage. Companies can as well place their logo or their advertisement on the cover.


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EXPANDUM CZ is the official distributor and seller of SIM box.

About us

We are an exclusive suppliers and the only manufacturers in the world we offer a unique indispensable world novelty suitable for all mobile phone users - SIM box, a unique bin for 4 SIM cards.


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